Ventilated Copper Ridge Roll

Size: 5m
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Ventilated Copper Ridge Roll

Our Ventilated Copper Roll-Fix is manufactured using a polypropylene membrane, which is highly vapour permeable, yet completely weatherproof.

The central flat “spine” of the roll is reinforced for fixing to the ridge batten. The two corrugated side flaps are designed to drape down over the top row of tiles on either side as the roll is opened out. The lower corrugated portion of each flap is finished with copper. The underside has a strip of self-adhesive butyl protected by an easy-release backing tape.

The addition to copper on a ridge line helps to reduce the growth moss, algae and other green growths, fungi and stains on the roof. It is ideal for using with natural roof slates. 

Ventilated Ridge Roll – Providing 5,000mm²/m Continuous Ventilation. 

  • Copper Thickness: 100 microns
  • UV stable 
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP) and Copper
  • Air Permeability: 280 g/m²
  • Density of butyl glue: 1.7 g/m³
  • Width butyl glue: 15mm/25mm
  • Thickness butyl glue: 1.5mm
  • Min installation temperature: 5 ° C
  • Temperature Resistance:  –30 ° C to +80 ° C
  • Water permeability: 5g/m²/24h

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