Valley Trim - Perforated edge

Size: 3m x 18mm
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Valley Trim - Perforated edge

A roof valley is the intersection between a dormer wall and roof surface, or possibly the intersection between two separate roofing systems.

This Trim is specifically used for a roof valley.

It secures to each batten and on top of the flashing using non corrosive nails. The Trims should be overlapped where they meet and be sealed with silicone.

Due to the high volume of water travelling down the valley a patented water drip and multiple outlet system runs along the trim.

Use valley trim down each side of the valley

Powder coated metal

Size: 3 m x 25 mm, 3 m x 18 mm

*To place an order for any trim, steel ridge capping or valley troughs please contact us by phone or email as shipping needs to be arranged due to the 3m lengths. If you are placing an order of other items and would like the metal products listed above to be shipped with the rest of your order, please ring as soon as you have placed the order so we can process payment and dispatch the order together.*

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