Tec7 WP7-201 Spray & Seal 500ml Aerosol

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Tec7 WP7-201 Spray & Seal 500ml Aerosol

Instant Waterproof can be used on hundreds of applications whether sealing, repairing, protection and is compatible with all surfaces. 

Instant Waterproof forms a tenacious, elastic waterproof coating that protects against shocks, stone chips and impact, while also reducing vibration and noise.

Sandable after curing and paintable.

  • Emergency repair of small leaks in roofs.
  • Sealing leaking gutters.
  • Sealing screw and drill holes and roof screws in corrugated sheets.
  • Anticorrosion coating of metal components.
  • Protects auto parts against stone chips.
  • Protecting parts of boats against sea water.

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