Universal Clay Ridge Tile

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Staffordshire Universal Clay Ridge Tile

This is our most popular Clay Ridge. It is a favourite with roofers as they are easy to install and their universal angle leaves it easy to quantify a roof.

Colour is Slate Grey in matt finish

360 mm Ridge Cover

Universal Angle Ridge - Suitable for roof pitch from 27.5 to 42.5 Degree.

Traditional Plain Angle Style Ridge

It has a unique underlap clay weathering system at each joint

It is manufactured from high quality clay and baked at a high temperature to suit Irish and UK weather.

Staffordshire Universal Clay Ridge is a favourite with roofers as it can be easily fixed with 2x dry fix screw.

Fixed with:

1 no. 160mm x 8mm Tex Screw 

1 no. 120mm x 5mm Stainless Steel Screw (Counter Sunk Head).

Angles and Quantities should be checked prior to ordering.

Gable plates are also available for use with this product.  They close off the gap between the top of slate and bottom of ridge, leaving the gables water tight.

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