Solitex Plus Breathable Felt

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Solitex Plus – Windtight, Breathable, Roofing Membrane

Pro Clima Solitex Plus Air Tight Membrane 1.5m x 50m 170gsm

Solitex Plus from Pro Clima is a reinforced windtight breathable roofing membrane for pitched roofs. This roll is 1.5 metres wide and 50 metres long. It is ideal for use as a highly tear-resistant, permeable roof sarking or lining on boarding, MDF and fibreboard roof lining panels and on all types of thermal.

The main purpose of this product is to create a robust windtight and vapour permeable (diffusion open) sealing of exterior roofs and walls or suspended timber floors. It is used on pitched roofs that are over 15 degrees, on timber frame walls and on insulated suspended timber floors.

It has 4 robust layers making it ideal for use where heavy foot traffic is likely during construction, can be exposed to UV and weather for up to 3 months and has impressive nail tear resistance.


  • Superb resistance to wind driven rain. 
  • Fully windtight and vapour open. 
  • Extreme nail-tear resistance.
  • Super-strong reinforcement layer.
  • Innovative nonporous membrane.
  • High resistance to all wood preservatives/natural wood resins.
  • Superb heat resistance.
  • Highly permeable with a moisture-variable diffusion resistance.

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