Santos Graphite Natural Roof Slate

Size: 600 x 300 9mm
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Santos Graphite Natural Roof Slate

Origin:                    Minas Gerais, Brazil

Colour:                   Graphite

Texture:                  Flat Smooth Surface, Wide Dressed Edges.

Appearance:          Subtle Natural Tone Variations leaves a Traditional Rustic Finish.

Thickness               We offer 7mm as standard, or 9mm for added strength for the more                                   exposed sites

Grading:                 Minimal selection/grading required on site. The quality control and                                    selection process in this quarry is excellent as every slate is split,                                      dressed, punched and packed by hand


·        Slate Supplies recommend all slates should be fitted by a qualified / experienced roofer.

·        Brazilian Slate are hard / dense. Need to be handled carefully during loading/fitting.

·        All slates should be cut with a circular disc to minimise waste.

·        Guarantees require all slates to be fitted with a Stainless Steel Slate Hook, as a minimum.

·        Two Stainless Steel or Copper Nails per slate are also required around perimeter of roof or any breaks in slating such as hips, valleys, around roof windows or vents etc., (total 3 fixings)

·        All slates are produced with 2 x Nail Holes for 100mm Headlap.

·        Experienced roofers typically use one hook and two nails on all slates on more exposed Irish Roofs, or at clients request.


Certified:  EN12326-1:2014. Best Results A1, S1, T1/W1. Test Date Nov. 2020


Guarantee:    50 years (Quary Backed).


Click here to download: Technical Guide

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