Rough Sawn Timber

Size: 100 x 22mm
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Rough Sawn Timber

All sizes of Timber for roofing and general construction

All our timber is kiln dried to 20% or less moisture content in line with building regulations. All our timber is of uniform shape and size. All of our timber products are white deal, sourced from sustainable and well managed forests. 

  • Available in wide variety of sizes
  • Suitable for rafters, beams, battens, wall plates, purlins, joists, studding and general construction
  • All timber available in different lengths - 2.4m (8ft), 3.6m (12ft), 4.2m (14ft), 4.8m (16ft), 5.1m (17ft), 5.4m (18ft)

*Please contact us directly to order this product as bulk delivery needs to be arranged due to the size of this product.*

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