RoofLITE+ Solid PVC Laminated Roof Window

Size: 55 x 78
Sale price€349,00


High moisture resistance combined with optimal safety – the SOLID PVC LAMINATED.

RoofLITE+ SOLID PVC LAMINATED is a window with a centre pivot (hinges mounted at half window height) manufactured from white PVC that is reinforced internally with steel profiles.

The SOLID PVC LAMINATED is set apart by its enhanced moisture resistance, easiness to keep clean, and increased safety level provided by an internal laminated (bonded) pane that will not fall into the room even in the event of breakage. Double glazing with two low-emission (heat-reflective) coatings prevents heat loss in the winter. Smooth, white PVC also has the advantage of being extremely easy to keep clean and requiring virtually no maintenance.

A handle mounted at the base of the sash ensures convenient operation at any installation height. The handle has two ventilation positions which allow an inflow of fresh air into the room without the need to open the window.

As with every RoofLITE+ window, the SOLID PVC LAMINATED APY B1000 model is covered by a ten-year guarantee (provided that it is installed using an original RoofLITE+ flashing).

When selecting a RoofLITE+ roof window, don't forget to explore our range of dedicated accessories that make daily use more comfortable. We especially recommend our blackout blinds.


  • Thermal Insulation - Uw value= 1.3 W/m²K - Ug value= 1.0 W/m²K
  • Quality Manufacturing - Our windows are manufactured in Europe at an ISO 9001 ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001-certified production facility.
  • Quick And Easy To Install - Intuitive visual guidelines enclosed in every roof window box. See this installation guide.
  • Water Tightness - Extra sliding gasket on the sash maximizes window air and water tightness.

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