Keylite Roof Window - Centre Pivot, White Painted Pine, Double Glazed

Size: 550 x 780
Color: White
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Keylite Roof Window - Centre Pivot, White Painted Pine, Double Glazed 

The Centre Pivot Roof Window is Keylite's most popular and versatile choice, suitable for most applications. Roof windows bring natural light deeper into your home. Use multiple Roof Windows to create impact in brighter, lighter living spaces and loft conversions. 

Key Features: 

- Expanding Thermal Collar 

- Ventilation handle 

- Maintenance free hinge 

- Sash hinge finger brackets 

- Flick-Fit Brackets

- Click-fit hood & Cover Flashings 

- Low profile hood 

- All weather ventilation 

- Warm edge glazing

The opening handle is conveniently placed at the top of the window and also controls ventilation, giving the option of fresh air flow even when the window is locked and secure. 

The bright white finish fits into the contemporary style of most new build homes that fits every room. It is treated with multiple layers of bright white paint, giving it moisture resistant properties and can be freshened up with paint after many years to extend its lifetime. The window also rotates 180 degrees for easy access to clean the outside. 

 - 10 year guarantee

- Durable Coating 

- Fast and easy installation 

- Ideal for contemporary interiors

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