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Cembrit Fibre Cement Ridge Tiles in Blue-Black Colour

Cembrit Fibre Cement Ridge Tiles are a great looking, lightweight, dry-fix alternative to the traditional slate and clay ridge tiles used on pitched roofing.

Ideal for those looking for an easy-to-fit ridging solution at a very competitive price, Cembrit fibre cement ridge tiles are secured to the ridge board using a single Ridge Drive Nail available on our site here.

Each ridge tile has a pre-drilled hole for a quick and easy application.

Tiles are manufactured from a combination of cellulose and synthetic fibres, blended with cement. A high-quality coating of acrylic colouring is applied during manufacture as a durable, weather-resistant finish. The ridge is 600mm with an underlap of 70mm, giving 530mm cover per ridge. The underlap feature provides a seamless finish to the ridge line and prevents and uplift or water ingress. 

These Cembrit ridge tiles have an impressive specification, including full compliance with the standard for fibre-cement slates and fittings, BS EN 492.

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