Fakro Top Hung, PVC, Double Glazed, Roof Window (PPP-V U3)

Size: 780 x 980
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Fakro Top Hung, PVC, Double Glazed, Roof Window (PPP-V U3)

Fire escape Roof Windows available - contact for more info on fire escape specifications

The sash in the PPP-V preSelect MAX top hung and pivot window can be opened up to 45°, which is nearly 30% more than when compared to the previous model. This significant improvement allows for better use of the additional space created within the room. Thanks to two independent opening mechanisms, the innovative hardware system guarantees the complete stability of the sash in both opening functions. This provides high durability of the product and safe operation.

Roof Window Features:

  • Double Glazed.

  • Multi-chamber white PVC profile with reinforced steel core.g

  • Handle ‘Elegant” positioned in the base of the sash for easy operation and two step micro-opening.

  • The pivot function enables the sash to be rotated through 180° and locked when cleaning the outer pane or installing the awning blind.

  • Wide range of additional accessories.

  • Suitable for pitches from 15-55°, in a special version between 55-85°.

  • U = 1,3 W/m2K (Heat transfer coefficient)  

  • PreSelect sliding switch placed in the bottom part of the frame for improved comfort and operation is used for choosing the opening method.

  • Efficient automatic air inlet V35.

  • The material doesn't absorb moisture and is resistant to corrosion. Design for rooms where humidity levels remain high for long periods (bathrooms, laundry rooms).

Sizes: 780 x 980, 780 x 1180, 780 x 1400, 780 x 1600, 940 x 1180

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