Ridge, Plain Angle, Duracoat Concrete, 450mm Coverage

Size: 75 Degree
Color: Blue Black
Sale price€15,00


Ridge, Plain Angle, Duracoat Concrete, 450mm Coverage

This ridge is used on both natural slate and concrete tiles.

Available in Slate Grey for Darker Slates/Tile or Grey/Green for Green Brazilian, Riverstone or Killaloe Slates.

Its designated angles allow for a neat finish to main ridge or hips etc.

Mono Ridge Tiles available on request.

Can be Dry Fixed or Mortared on.

Call our Technical Office for any queries prior to Ordering

Tel.  043 6686760

Material:        Fine Coloured Concrete Mix with Top Glaze.

Length               450mm Long

Angles                75, 90, 105, 120 and 135 degrees

Colours              Blue-Black and Grey-Green

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