DAFA Paint and Plaster Airtight Tape – With Split-Liner

Size: 60mm
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DAFA Paint and plaster airtight tape is a tape with split backing for ensuring airtight seals on exposed building elements such as wood, PVC, plaster and brick. A sealing and binding tape for transitions, which you can fill and render over. The unique adhesion is suitable for binding and covering joins between various surfaces such as plywood, chipboard and flexible vapor barriers.

The product complies with the strict requirements of EnEV (DIN 4108-7), covering permanent air seals in vapor barriers.

Available in a 25m Roll in 60mm or 100mm


High-quality PP fabric. Does not curl and withstands thermal expansion and movement in the building. The unique acrylic mixture adhesive maintains good performance when exposed to moisture and vapor, prolonging the expected life time of the seal, especially on building materials that are subject to expansion and contraction.


  • DAFA Paint and plaster airtight tape is included in the Nordic Ecolabellings database of construction products that can be used in Swan-labelled buildings.
  • Filler and render may be applied over the tape
  • Split liner (50/50)
  • Does not curl
  • Withstands thermal expansion
  • Adheres well to non-polar and low-energy surfaces
  • High-quality PP fabric
  • Outstanding adhesion values

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