DAFA DiFoil Airtight Membrane 50m x 1.5m

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DiFoil prevents rot, dry rot, and mold growth, primarily in exterior walls and ceiling structures. The vapor diffusion retarder allows condensation to pass periodically through the foil while sealing enough to stop normal vapor pressure.

Use the vapor diffusion retarder for thermally insulated building elements where there is a risk of summer condensation or other moisture accumulation on the outer side of the vapor diffusion retarder. For example, well-insulated structures exposed to direct sunlight during summer can result in such significant inside/outside temperature differences that there is a risk of condensation on the vapor diffusion retarder. A common phenomenon in holiday homes left uninhabited for specific periods.


DAFA DiFoil vapor diffusion retarder consists of polyethylene (PE) material with a moisture-absorbing polypropylene (PP) fleece layer.


  • DAFA DiFoil vapor retarder is included in the Nordic Ecolabelling database of construction products that can be used in Swan-labelled buildings.
  • Part of the DAFA AirStop System
  • More construction-friendly than a standard PE foil
  • Allows periodically occurring condensation to migrate from one side to the other
  • Can be nailed and has high tensile and tear strength
  • The best range of accessories on the market

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