Blue Bangor Roof Slate (Reclaimed Slate)

Size: 20"x10"
Sale price€2,50


Blue Bangor/ Bangor Blue Natural Roof Slate (Reclaimed / Salvage Only)

Slate Supplies hold large stocks of reclaimed Blue Bangor Roof Slate and are committed to protecting our unique traditional heritage.

Reclaimed Blue Bangor Slate are used to repair/extend old roofs, or give an immediate traditional appearance to new buildings, at less than half the price of New Bangor Blue Slate.

All our slates are handpicked, sorted, graded and crafted for best quality.

Due to wide range of sizes and limited availability, we recommend you have your replacement slate on site prior to stripping existing roof and/or setting your new roof.

Please contact us directly to order this slate as stocks are limited and vary due to supply. 

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