Arc Expanding Foam Pack

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Arc Expanding Foam Pack

Arc Foam Pack Box contains 5 cans of Gun Grade Foam, 1 can of Foam Gun Cleaner and 1 high quality metal Foam Gun. 

This box pack is perfect for general construction and home use. Arc Gun Grade Foam is a gun applied, easy to use one part polyurethane based expanding foam for general construction and home use. This foam contains propellants which are not harmful to the ozone layer. The Arc Gun Grade Foam offers excellent stability, has a high filling capacity and strong adhesion on most surfaces. This product can be used for installing window and door frames, filling cavities, sealing openings in roofs and has many other uses. Shake the aerosol for at least 20 seconds before use.

Arc Foam Gun Cleaner is a multi functional cleaner designed to digest and remove uncured foam. Can also be used to clean foam gun and valves of PU foam aerosol.

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