Fakro Eurotop S65 Breathable Felt

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Fakro Eurotop S65 Breathable Roof Felt

The Fakro Eurotop S65 Breather Membrane - 165g/m2 delivers a high level of vapour permeability and water tightness, protecting the roof structure and particularly the insulation against moisture.

Eurotop membranes are characterised by a unique combination of this water tightness and water vapour diffusivity. It protects against seepage and water condensing under roofing, and wind driven precipitation.

High water vapour permeability allows the moving of insulation towards the membrane surface without the need for any ventilation gaps in the roof or wall structures. This makes it possible to apply a thicker layer of insulation, thus saving energy.

This membrane is laid directly onto rafters, insulation or sarking, with the printed side facing outwards. The S65 is a three layer membrane with a weight of 165g/m2, and vapour permeability of 2300g/m2/24h.
  • Protects roof structure & insulation

  • Dimensions 50m x 1.5m

  • IAB/BBA certified

  • High water tightness

  • High water vapour permeability

For further details and assistance, please contact our technical department on our contact page

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